You’re not wrong, but the so called progressive wing of the Democratic party is a non-starter however the people inside that bubble can’t see it. Their rhetoric is recycled over and over again and they actually believe that what they are seeing and believing is reality. I LIVED this in 2016 going to a hyper progressive software school in Denver CO. “There was no way Trump would win”, “Clinton was a sure thing”. I actually made two bets that Trump would win the election, citing the bubble they all lived in. The day after the election they are literally traumatized. How could they ALL have been so wrong? Well, they never “looked out the window”.

A communist, and yes Sanders is nothing more than a Communist wearing a D on his lapel, is going to fair far worse. What you believe should happen and what is possible are two entirely different things. And what the progressive wing believes should happen isn’t only immoral, stupid, naive and dangerous, its unrealistic.

Left wing parties don’t win in America because America doesn’t want a left winger to win. Its that simple.

There is no solidarity on the left. The minority bloc votes for Democrats because they aren’t Republicans, that is all. They are ideologically opposed in just about every other facet. You can’t buy a groups ideological support, and that is what the Democrats have been attempting to do for half a century.

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