You're exactly right, but this is a textbook takeover by the thought police. An attempt at rewriting of history where the zero point is reset at the dawn of "the new era". Everything the west is built on is inherently racist and the only solution is to burn it all down and start again. In this case, its leaning closer toward a Maoist cultural revolution than a Fascist takeover. The zeitgeit is decidedly anti "right wing".

The proof is everywhere. Newspeak, doublespeak and kafka trapping is the ammo, and the victims are anyone that doesnt toe the line. The revolution is happening, and thanks to the internet, some 5% of the loudest assholes in the country control the narrative, the policy and the fates of us all. Here is to hoping its a passing fad and not the real deal but watching the Democrat party quite literally bend their knee to these lunatics is cause for alarm.

This is the moment the "crazies" have been warning about for decades.

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