You want a paradigm shift? Lift the multitude of regulations that prevent builders from building. Zoning and NIMBYism has effectively banned multifamily dwellings in many places and these tend to be in "blue" cities with large minority populations, the largest income inequality and higher densities. Red lining and "racism in lending" isnt the problem. Zoning and NIMBYism are. Even the most woke prefer signaling with their keyboards and will never let "the others" into their neighborhood, god forbid those over priced homes start to lose their value!

The housing market is headed for a cliff, of course it is. It has been intentionally designed to produce a wealth effect for those that already own homes. They tend to vote more consistently and measuring “success” in the form of ever increasing housing prices is easy. Remember, unaffordable housing is a WIN in most people’s eyes.

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