You people that describe your relationship with politics and your political idegology as a means to an end, or rather, "Getting something in return" are the reason this country seems to be failing. You are the problem. You are the greedy parasites bleeding us dry. You are no different than the wealthy leaches that you accues of detroying the country other than they are better at the same game.

I understand why you are angry. You suck at a game designed for suckers. Even when you attempt to take from those that produce you fail. You fail at producing and you fail at getting others to steal from those that do. You have nowhere to go. Just know, you are also the parasites, the same species, you're just not as talented.

You use tropes like "this is society" to hide behind those that are because you are not. You need to even out the "success" of those that have because you are afraid to risk anything yourself and as a result are a have not, a victim.

After all, society was designed for YOU to take FROM. Not for you to contribute to. I mean, you said it right here, "Keeping this administration in power and receiving nothing in return". You believe politics owes you something.

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