You called a Hispanic man a white racist because you ignored the name, looked at the picture, and saw “white”. You’re a deplorable racist women. I won’t assume to know the color of your skin, but it wouldn’t matter to me like it does you. It’s all you see, and you allow it to control your opinions about others. That is the definition of racism.

You are a capitalist. That, my friend, is a far more grievous evil.

Most racists are ignorant, but you’re a special breed of victim. Three comments deep into your history and it is very aparant you feel as if you have been wronged throughout your life, and have very little power over it. You’re a perpetual victim that has set out to make others feel like they are predators as a way of validating your own victimhood.

To be a capitalist, you need to have just a shred of self-confidence. It is very clear you have none, so it is no wonder you wish for a world where you can arm MEN to do your bidding.

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