You are suggesting we can change human nature to fit your idea of what is good. You’ve failed before you’ve even began.

You reuse the word “They” constantly, a very apparent bias, then you suggest “they” wish to preserve the status quo, which is empirically false. You are using the word “they” to ignore the fact that “they” replace themselves constantly. The landscape of “they” is always changing. “They” are not comprised on the same individuals indefinitely. The individual is very important here and you don’t use the word once. Using the word “they” is nothing more than a collectivist trick, although trick supposes you are conscience of this error, to point the finger at an arbitrary group of people and blame them for something that isn’t even clear because lets be real here, when you say “they” and “greedy” you are pretty much inferring “the rich”. More collectivist code words.

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