You are conflating two very different things and don't fully understand what the BLM movement is. This is intentional and not your fault. I would recommend you do your research on "Theory", "Critical Theory", "Critical Social Justice Theory" and get your facts straight before you drape yourself in a cape and act like you're making a difference carrying a banner. Just go to their website and read their tenets. (Hint: “Disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family” is one of them and the leadership are self avowed Marxists)

I'm not a Trump supporter, so you are continually barking up the wrong tree, but if you want to have a real discussion about Critical Race Theory, maybe California's proposal to eliminate their "color blind" law and their new curriculum that focuses on deamonzing white people and the United States, we can get on the same page with regard to facts and move forward with a rational debate.

And yes, "white only anti-racism training" is real. Are you familiar with Ibram X. Kendi and Beverly DiAngelo? It would be my pleasure to introduce to some material that fully explains the movement you are latching onto.

How about Glenn Loury or Coleman Hughes?

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