While necessary, ALL taxation is egregious. That is the only healthy lens this should be viewed through. This notion that somehow the State owns 100% of your labor and grants different people different amounts of their earnings back is absurd, and that is where the progressive bend in the West now stands.

They have staked out a position that supposes everything one earns isn’t theirs, and somehow the “gods” they elect to represent us have this authority to dictate what we keep. Now they wish to tax ephemeral things like “wealth”. It needs to be called out and cannot be accepted. What this rich idiot said doesn’t matter at all, what the progressive wing wants to do is flat out immoral.

Then, in an attempt to defend their bankrupt philosophy they attempt to frame people who “don’t pay their fair share” as some sort of villainous group that wishes to watch the poor starve, as if the fucking State is actually looking out for the poor! I’m sick of it.

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