What this author wants to do is generalize the people that disagree with him/her and lump them all into the same group because they generalize against the groups he/she claims to support.

The cognitive dissonance is fascinating and scary. I am seeing more and more of this. The public acceptance that generalizations aren't wrong so long as they are the generalizations "I/we" support.

We ALL fall into this trap, but most of us HAD the decency to at least recognize the bias. Now you either toe some line, or you are explicitly "one of them".

The lines are being drawn and the sides are forming, and people like YOU, yes, I am generalizing the generalizers, are going to be held responsible.

The militancy and radicalism is being enabled on all fronts; the middle has fallen and this all needs to cool off before more people get killed. The movement is already ignoring the deaths of dozens of people at the hands of their own in favor of some ill defined goal. How many are YOU willing to kill?

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