Well, you got about half that statement right and half entirely wrong. We probably agree on most issues (wars, safety nets, and justice, the military-industrial-complex, you know, the big ones), but the red herring is the socialist/communist streak. Its far more insidious than fascism because of its good intentions. Fascism is revulting, socialism is appealing, until it isn't.

Regarding education and healthcare, well, they aren't "rights", and that is simply a matter of fact. Here again we nudge ever closer to the socialist/communist problem. If education and healthcare are "human rights", we are one step away from housing and food. All of a sudden, if the government were to provide all of this, they control a majority of the economy.

But no, the current crop of socialists/communists don't want the government to "control" these industries, rather, they prefer the end around method of wealth redistribution. A means through which the State can control not production explicitly, just everything a person may earn while producing.

They are hung up on equal outcomes rather than opportunity and they believe in taking from one (rarely themselves - polling proves this) to make another "equal". Wealthy and upper middle class liberal whites use minority groups as pawns in their political chess match. Using the power of the purse to buy their votes all the while ignoring the fact that a majority of the minorities tend to be religious, anti-gay and pro-life, and obviously not Republican because the Republicans are abhorant as well.

Most Democrats are simply to naive to understand they don't have a coalition as a result of these attempts to keep minority voters under their thumbs with policy rather than ideology. When they lose elections they blame "the racists", when they in fact are the ones exploiting these minority groups for their own gain.

The problem with Democrats is they don’t stand for anything and they use the people they purport to support as cannon fodder to serve "the greater good". And now they are “sacrificing” Reade on the #MeToo altar to defeat Trump.

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