Webhookrelay.io is looking for alpha testers

March 17, 2020

Webhookrelay.io announces it is recruiting clients to alpha test its Fanout service. Webhookrelay’s Fanout service allows customers to relay webhook data from a single endpoint provider to multiple destinations, giving our customers more control over their SaaS data than ever before.

In November of 2019, development of Webhookrelay.io began when the need for a turnkey relay service was made apparent while working with SendGrid and 250ok. Webhookrelay.io makes relaying your SendGrid webhook data (or any webhook data) to multiple marketing and CRM solutions as simple as logging into your account and editing your endpoints. After your relay is created, you can simply use your Webhookrelay.io URL and API key as the URL endpoint for SendGrid’s Event Nofitication setting.

Webhookrelay.io is looking for email senders that use SendGrid to send email and 250ok (recently acquired by Validity) for their email data analytics. While Webhookrelay.io’s fanout service works for any data type, prospective alpha testers should be clients of both of these companies. If you planned on using the powerful 250ok/SendGrid integration but are having trouble reliably passing your SendGrid webhook data to multiple locations, reach out today.

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