unless the intent is to only represent certain views.

That is very much the intent of the people who view the republic this way.

Think about it. They wish for a direct democracy that protects the interests of minorities that support their broader views. Outside of those minority groups, fuck em. They have no interest in actually protecting minority interests outside of those that do their bidding (I.E: vote for the “right people”).

Functionally, direct democracies can never protect the interests of the minority groups because it would mean that in some instances the “will of the people” would have to go ignored. These people don’t understand this because they don’t view people with differing political opinions as worthy of the vote.

Worse yet, in the current political climate, its minority rule. The PC police use social media to amplify the “isms” and enforce their implied moral superiority through the use of mob rule and cancel culture. Who needs a judge and jury when you can inundate an employer with complaints and get people fired, or worse… activate some crazy to “deal with them”?

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