Ticket prices were only lower before 2008 and they have been bleeding cash since 1981. Your facts are wrong. Your anecdote, and I question if you have experienced them, appear to be made up.

Before 1978, the airlines played by Washington’s rules. The government determined whether a new airline could fly to a certain city, charge a certain price, or even exist in the first place. With limited competition, airlines were guaranteed a profit, and they lavished flyers with expensive services paid with expensive airfares. The silver and cloth came at a predictable price: The vast majority of Americans couldn’t afford to fly, at all.

It appears you are riding on the coattails of controversy to sell a false narrative to people who are emotionally wrapped up in what was a personal tragedy and unacceptable action taken by United airlines.

It is difficult to find a per ticket price comparison between the EU and the US, but based on the other ‘facts’ you presented here, I will have to assume you are wrong about them as well.

Interestingly enough, deregulation is a major factor in why European travel is less expensive, not to mention population density and the biggest factor, simple economics, they fly more passengers per mile than domestic US airlines. You are basically arguing against yourself here, had you done just ten minutes of research on the subject, you probably wouldn’t have spent the time writing this piece.

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