“In the absence of monogamy, the likelihood is that most men are reproductively excluded. And so one possibility is that the historical-cultural tradition favoring monogamy was in part a deal that powerful men made, whereby they said, ‘OK, I will forego my overt opportunity to be a big-time harem master in return for a degree of social peace’,”

This is absolutely true. I’ve been discussing monogamy in this context for quite some time.

I feel there are some danger inherent in non-monogamy as well. Jealousy obviously being the the biggest. Lets suggest that non-monogamous partners agree in terms, but in practice one partner is seeing far more people than the other. I don’t see this partnership being successful. I’ve been pursued by non-monogamous females and have always declined. You don’t want to be the last partner someone has when their other half changes their tune and decides its not going to work.

I tend to believe jealousy is innate, and non-monogamy, for most, is an experiment rather than a way of life. I’ve met people who have dipped their toes into this stream before and it destroyed their relationship.

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