The issue of it being repairable is counter intuitive. Most people seem to believe that repairing the system means nothing more than electing the right people to pass the right laws. Others believe that repairing the system means eliminating the power of the State through things like deregulation and shrinking the administrative state.

I tend toward the latter option only because I actually believe the system cannot be repaired. It needs to be dismantled to its smallest possible form (not eliminated) to be repaired. Sometimes taking away is more effective than adding.

I don't think "the system" will be repaired before it is destroyed because of this disconnect in ideology.

"Constitutions are either unnecessary or irrelevant." Democracy does not function well in an environment where one group of people want government out of my pockets and and another believe they should dig deeper in. Individualism and collectivism are oil and water. I am all but certain this ends in violence before some form of democratic reconciliation only because the group of people who want more government power are playing this game at the national level.

Collectivists are authoritarian by nature. There is no negotiating with them.

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