The entire public education system suffers from the same perils of “progressive” politics - the blank slate fallacy. Its become taboo and even dangerous to suggest there are innate differences in people, and as a result we have designed institutions that make it impossible to separate the froth from the average or the bottom of the barrel from the same because when this is done, there are disparate representations of certain groups in different areas which inevitably leads these types of policies to being labeled as racist. The moment this occurs, of course, the institution has no choice but to capitulate and ‘desegregate’, hamstringing top performers and hurting the chances of those at the bottom in favor of producing the illusion of equity.

This is the nature of public goods. Public goods can’t discriminate on the basis of anything, even performance, and as a result the end goal is nothing more than insuring everyone looks the same on paper. In today’s society equal misery is preferable to “under-representation” of any “minority group” in any domain and also preferable to the inordinate flourishing of the few.

I once told a friend of mine: “Communism can get you to space, but it will never get you to the moon.” This is because its dominated by the tyranny of metrics and any outlier, even positive, must be suppressed to maintain the facade of equity.

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