The Democratic Party didn’t fail the democrats… Democrats did. They ignored and ridiculed half of the country and decided they were going to pretend they didn’t exist. Hillary supporters ignored half of their own party when they pushed Sander’s out of the race and called his supporters “childish” and his ideas extreme. There is a certain conceitedness that the left carries with them. This idea that if you don’t believe in the way we wish to handle racism and inequality you are a racist. This idea that if someone supports a misogynist, they themselves must be a misogynist. It never occurred to them that people may support a radical because they believe a racist misogynist is a better option than the establishment Statist whose business interests are obviously more dangerous than someone who speaks unabashedly about very identity politics the left has tended to use for the last decade. It never occurred to the left that using these minorities as pawns in their power grab might actually backfire on them, and that is because the left can’t see past their own virtue. The left is exploiting the suffering of the underclass, not supporting the underclass, and they are blinded by their holier than thou righteousness. They can’t see the forest for the trees.

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