But most voters are not savvy enough and are not paying enough attention to know the difference between a “Democratic Socialist” and a “Socialist.”

That is because there is no difference. Its a lie, a farce, bullshit. Bernie Sanders is nothing more than a Communist without absolute power. If the so-called socialists want to at least be honest and tell everyone, “Don’t worry about us, our institutions will prevent the expansion of our master plan to centralize and restructure the global economy, you have nothing to fear of our Communist ways” that would be one thing, but they don’t. They lie to themselves and to the people by suggesting they don’t actually believe in a fully top down system.

Here how this would go down:

Communist takes office under the “Democratic Socialist” moniker. Communist starts implementing their policies. Their policies have ripple effects “no one could have predicted”, Communist implements more policies with more ripple effects and before you know it 75% of the economy falls under the purview of State control in the name of fixing what the Communist broke to begin with.

Socialists and technocrats love to pretend they can structure and master plan a social order like an architect designs a building. Its a level of hubris that is ingrained and trained throughout their formative years by “experts” in colleges and academia. News flash, those people don’t know shit either. Buildings still fail, mistakes get made. The only difference is that, generally speaking, when a single expert makes a mistake, the tragedy is a blip, when a group of “experts” run for office to reshape the global economic system tens of millions will die.

Communism is also far more insidious than fascism because of its “the ends justify the means” sort of structure. It tricks people into believing someone else has the solution to all their problems so long as we just take more money and resources from “others” who aren’t you. Communism sneaks up on societies where as fascism is in your face and direct. Communism is the cancer you can’t detect until it has you on the death bed. Fascism is the caner that grows over night right off the side of your face and you can see first thing in morning.

Bernie Sanders is a Communist. There are no if, ands or buts about it.

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