Polls missed everything in 2016. Let’s use polling to pave the way once more?

Prediction: Polls will show a wider margin for Biden over Trump this year than in 2016 and Trump will win by a similar electoral college margin but take the popular vote by less than 1%. At which point the Democrats can claim he stole it, which has been the plan since this post office “news”.

Rather than admitting polling is unreliable in a world stoked by fear and hatred, malice will be to blame. Again the left will blame “racists” rather than themselves as they dig in their puritanical heels even further, pushing once moderates deeper into red territory. They will double down on their “cultural revolution” setting back race relations decades.

Nancy Pelosi sealed the deal first when she bent the knee in her kinta garb and then again just three days ago when she called republicans enemies of the state. This is the 2020 “deplorables” moment.

The Democrats are fucking toxic.

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