It’s because those workers who saw a raise now have more money to spend in the city around them.

Laughable. Every non government study, you know, the ones not produced by the people with skin in the game, have shown a reduction in overall hours which have lead to a reduction in wages per person.

And if $15 was a success, why not $30? After all, it stimulates growth… right? But to you, there is some magical number where it doesnt? How do you rationalize that? Maybe rationalize is the wrong word… There isn’t a lot of that to go around in the minimum wage proponent circles.

I am left with two choices now. Decide whether or not the bubble you folks live in is so dense you simply don’t read or ignore anything that doesn’t confirm your bias, or if you are out right liars and “de-facto agents of the State” with dangerous political goals.

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