I’ve been aiming to get out of this godforsaken country forever!

Well, that rant was worthless because you proved yourself to be a liar. Your problem isn’t the US, your problem stares you in the face every morning when you wake up. Your problem is that you have never actually woken up. You’re a shell of a human being. No thoughts, just running on repeat. One might barely call you alive. Your post-modern nihilism deserves no sympathy, only pity.

America has no culture.

Because we have every culture. American “culture” is that of thousands of disparate cultures coming together but never finding a shape because that is what free people fucking do. They do what they want and simply because you can’t find order in the chaos doesn’t mean its “American’s fault”. Your failure is your own and you will find yourself failing everywhere you go.

For over 50 years you’ve been “trapped” in this hell scape, but now, when you can’t leave, you claim you will. Convenient and pathetic.

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