Health insurance pays for treatment…

I’ve also heard people make the argument that health insurance enabled the opioid crisis. After all, its the mechanism that allows doctors and patients to prescribe and afford the very medicines that turn them into heroin addicts when they are turned away for the abuse that was condoned in the proceeding decades. The “treatments” that health insurance paid for could be seen as directly responsible for the crisis.

ranked the Medicaid expansion undertaken by Governor Kasich in 2015 as first among the reasons for the recent drop in overdose fatalities.

Could it be that this is nothing more than the result of the availability of the clean heroin (read: Oxycontin) becoming more available to the addicts that would have otherwise switched to black market means to get their fix?

In the Oxy electorate, in the midst of a catastrophic public health crisis, access to and the affordability of health insurance is a matter of community survival.

See above…

The book Dreamland outlines this problem pretty well. While I am not blaming health insurance for the opioid crisis, it has certainly helped enable it. I am also not attempting to blame the electorate for

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