Unfortunately, adopting such an altruistic mindset would likely be a struggle for most Americans. “Unlike some other cultures, like China’s, which is very collectivist, our culture is very individualistic, so it’s much harder here to get people to cooperate with one another on a mass scale,” she says. “That’s just not how we roll.” On the other hand, she says that she could envision the establishment of some kind of special welfare program to compensate those who don’t have an immunity passport, which would take away some of the sting.

Altruistic mindset. Please. This is delusional.

Its not the “collectivist Chinese culture” that is responsible for this cooperation though. Its the government guns in their faces. Can we quit pretending that the Chinese people have anywhere near the same level of choice American’s do and because of their “culture” they are able to hunker down and deal with this pandemic? Its a fucking police state. If you’re willing to trade that for a reduction is deaths from a pandemic, well, you’ve already lost.

This is a back handed way of saying “Americans suck and the Chinese really come together!”

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