Its funny you actually believe Mark Zuckerberg controls everything Facebook does. Sure, he's at the top of it, but he can't read the minds of the tens of thousands of people that push changes to its code every day, scrub images or news we dont want to see, enforce their public facing policy. No, there are countless teams that do all of that. Your search for a demon is lazy.

All of this coming from someone who does believe social media is a terrible thing for humanity in general, but you're barking up the wrong tree.

You are blaming a person for the problems of society. Look around you, look in the mirror, there aren't some handful of people responsible for the ills of society, the problem is you, its me, it everyone.

Despots dont rise to and retain power because people hate them, no, on the contrary, they typically usurp power with incredible support from the public.

Quit looking under the bed for boogeymen, the monster is in the sheets.

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