If a man needs to be reminded not to say these things, uhh, that man has other issues and if a woman finds these things so offensive she has to write a step by step on why all men are sexist, she is probably pandering. Here's the problem, some small fraction of men says these things to ALOT of women, and as a result ALOT of women tend to think ALL men need a reminder and as a result we get talked down to in pieces like this constantly.

I mean this sums it up:

If you’re trying to tell me that it’s #notallmen, you’re not looking at the bigger picture, and you’re unable to see past your own ego.

Its ridiculous. ALL men are sexist, ALL white males are racist, unless of course they self-flagellate which includes admitting they are all of these things. This garbage has become evangelized. I will not convert to your religion of self-abasement and guilt.

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