I know there is a middle ground, and we have States to figure that out. Comparing the entireity of the US to Denmark is silly. We have cities larger than that country and they are FAR MORE diverse.

Speaking of diversity. I met a dozen Danes at a conference in Canada last year. Pretty racist bunch. That's what happens when you maintain a relatively homogenous culture and society. Get a couple of them liquored up and ask them their real thoughts and feelings about "the migrant problem" and immigration more generally.

And so-called universal healthcare isn't a panacea, so can we please quit talking about it as if it is the golden ticket to a utopian existence?

The Canadian system comes with a nearly 10% additional tax and the service for "elective" procedures stinks. Do some research, the reality of it will blow your mind. And don't forget about the job loss that will come with less healthcare spending. We are witnessing that during this crisis.

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