I had to stop reading after the title.

When corporations can openly beat their customers and deny them service, why would they even bother trying to be nice?

Did you read the words on the backs of the officers that removed the passenger? They read POLICE. I’ll grant you the evil corporation called the police, which is within their rights, but the State is responsible for the harm caused during the removal, but your click bait title chooses to ignore that.

Obviously the benevolent State can’t be to blame here, its the evil corporation that uses the power of the State we all need to vilify.

I don’t support United’s decision to de-board for crew, I don’t support their decision to call the cops, but suggesting that THEY committed an act of violence is disingenuous and pathetic. Then calling is “class warfare”? My god. You’re just pressing all the right buttons for a response and I fell right into the trap.

This isn’t journalism sir, its click bait garbage.

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