I am very curious about your approach to starting these conversations. I am sitting here having a wonderful multi-day conversation with someone in Portuguese, a language I don’t even speak, while I visit Brazil. We even met in person this evening. Maybe it means nothing more than we found something to talk about?

I also have four other “matches” sitting on both apps, of which none have attempted to say anything more than hello after I broke the ice. I don’t think this is MY problem.

Is the implication here that on the “Women make the first move app” men are still 99% responsible for moving the discussion forward?

If you really want to know something about someone, quit “playing games” with them and freaking ask them some questions. Be deliberate. You appear to have one of two choices: 1. Scare them off by telling them what you want or 2. Allow them to keep ignoring you because they don’t know what to say next.

The choice is yours.

EDIT: you updated your post to remove your reference to game playing. Ugggh. I am also unable to reply to your response. Rather, you have deleted your response. I’m not trying to be an asshole about anything, but I think you have revealed yourself quite a bit here. It is probably worth thinking about.

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