How about we just refuse treatment to those that over dose? I mean, whats the difference?

If 75 thousand per year die each year, that’s only a half a percent of full-blown addicts overdosing. The rest are getting by.

The rest are getting by? Your comment sounds as if you believe its the same 75,000 people dying each year, which, I am sure you know, would be impossible.

Now, I am all for legalized recreational drug use and reforming the penal system that doesn’t make life long criminals out of drug users, but the suggestion that we should just let opioid addicts “manage their habits” is absurd. Do yourself and learn about what this addiction actually does to people and you may change your tune.

And that’s with opioids being TOTALLY A FELONY and having to self-dose…

This is also incorrect as a majority of today’s addicts got addicted legally, through prescription use, recommended by a doctor!

You have a huge gulf of understanding to fill — Start here:

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