Food isn’t complicated, its cheap and desirable. The problem with food isn’t the complexity of the “system” or anything like that, it is the availability and surplus of food that modern society has provided.

“We were spun a lie: we were told that a sign of progress was not having to cook for ourselves. Instead, we could eat out at fast-food restaurants or buy highly processed TV dinners.”

We weren’t spun a lie, this isn’t some conspiracy, this was driven again by the nature of people and the price of convenience. People decided that paying for someone else to prepare their food for them was a better option than preparing it for themselves and the industry was driven toward reducing costs and providing more.

“The industrial food system is designed to give us highly calorie, low-nutrition food. This food leaves us malnourished and obese — we are literally fat and starving at the same time.”

The entire article surmises that there is a vast conspiracy against fresh foods and home cooking. There isn’t, visit the meat department and produce department of any grocery store and the same fresh foods are available that were available fifty years ago, the only difference is there is more choice and they cost less relative to average earnings of a few generations back.

The problem isn’t the “system”, its you, its me, its the choices people are making when they purchase their food. It isn’t complicated at all, it is actually very simple, quit eating garbage, and learn to prepare fresh foods that are available and less expensive than dining out. The information to do this is everywhere, people just don’t want to spend the time learning how to do it.

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