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  • Concoda


    Navigating the absurdity of late-stage capitalism. For more analysis, subscribe via concoda.substack.com/subscribe. Not advice. Contact: concodapress@gmail.com

  • Elizabeth Finne

    Elizabeth Finne

    Law (U.K. and U.S.), Philosophy, Politics and Mothering: Articles in @ArcDigi @QuilletteM @AreoMagazine

  • Flant staff

    Flant staff

  • Janice Esser

    Janice Esser

  • Marco Tiro

    Marco Tiro

    Learning is the ultimate cheat code. Grab the FREE learning cheat sheet: http://bit.ly/learncheatsheet

  • ottilie max

    ottilie max

    dreamer, poet, philosopher, writer

  • Warren Fauvel

    Warren Fauvel

    I love startups, strategy and human centred design. 10 years building smart teams to solve tough problems. Lots of scars and great stories! Based in Berlin.

  • J.B. Sheeler

    J.B. Sheeler

    All I know is that I don’t know nothing

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