Failed methods? You’re living in a dreamland. You have no rational barometer for success. You are truly naive to how good most people have it in contrast to even a few decades ago. Your hatred overrides what little cognition is left. You’ve fallen into the cult of progressivism. You’re driven by your disdain for those with more, brainwashed, clueless, a zealot. You think you’re enlightened, you probably scoff at the religious, fooling yourself into believing you don’t have your own. You deny facts on the basis of what you feel, what “should” be. You’re “dancing for rain” in your faith based, pseudo scientific, nonsensical ideology. You’re a demagogue.

Failed methods? More people have food today than ever before. Never has the world seen this level of abundance, this level of peace, this level of thriving. But it’s a failure because there are rich people? You sir, don’t have a fucking clue.

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