Don’t forget to ask them if they are comfortable with having people constantly hired over them as the company “grows”. Also, make sure they are aware that in two years time their raises will be approaching a whopping 5% a year while the executive team’s have doubled because “revenue” is up while the new hire’s responsibilities have tripled in the same period. God forbid we hire teams of people, that would cost money and “money is tight”, its a start up after all. And one more thing, make sure they are willing to always wear a smile, regardless of how piss poor their inexperienced “leadership” team may be. God forbid someone speak the truth. “How good are you at keeping your head down, not being critical, and never receiving feedback?” — Oh you expect none of that? You’re hired.

“We’re looking for the self-starter who can figure everything out on their own, but doesn’t feel the need to ask for a path forward and just accepts that we will never act on any feedback we receive. The fact is, the entire exec team is scared shitless about doing anything risky, what if we make the wrong decision? — Is this something you’d be interested in?”

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