Corporate taxation is nothing more than a backdoor tax on wage earners. The question any rational economist/politician should ask is why do we tax corporations to begin with? Stiglitz isn’t exactly rational. He’s a niche economist in the same vein as Krugman, they supply non-traditional economic rational to support a political agenda. They are smart though, I’ll give them that. They have a devout following of faithful ideologues to which they can sell books.

The corporate income tax is nothing more than an easy target for the left because everyone knows profits are evil, and a backdoor into policy for both parties. After all, if you aren’t taxing corporations it becomes much more difficult to accept their bribes for carve outs because the political class would have less to “give away” (I don’t believe tax cuts are give aways… Tax cuts is simply taking less, referring to a tax break as a giveaway is like pretending the home intruder was doing you a favor by leaving the cell phone on the coffee table.).

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