Child labor was abolished so that children could go to school instead of serving a capitalist in a coal mine.

Child labor was abolished because technology and capital reached a point where there were enough excess resources being produced with a reduction in labor inputs that didn’t REQUIRE children work to support their families.

You folks love putting the cart before the horse to explain how virtuous all of this feels while ignoring that 99% of the time, legal changes FOLLOW the trends, they don’t lead them. Your government isn’t the reason child labor was abolished…

under corporate wage-slavery.

Laughable. “I must eat, therefore I am not free” is your next point? We are slaves to our biological necessities? After all, if we don’t work for a wage then what? We must tend the fields right? Have you taken even a moment to consider what a wage represents? What a dollar truly is?

People that use the term wage-slave are wholly insensitive to the real slavery that still occurs across the globe. You should be ashamed of your self for equating the two.

You aren’t addressing any arguments here. You’re making up positions and arguing with yourself.

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