Capitalism obviously can’t buy you capital letters, but it is more than likely responsible for the device you used to write that comment, the internet service provider you used to access the website, the email service you used to sign up for the website with and literally everything else in your life you take for granted. But its a “failed system”. Oh boy…

I am not here suggesting there isn’t or aren’t problems with our society, but blaming “capitalism” is a lazy cop out most often thrown around by people that truly and honestly have no clue how much they themselves have benefited from it.

“So called capitalism”? I’ll give you credit where it is due, this isn’t capitalism. Its some amalgamation of socialism and capitalism and as a result, winners and losers can be picked rather than sorted and the more the bottom hopes to coerce, the worst it will get for them. Capitalism relies on destruction, not preservation. Capitalism improves things for MOST in the long run at the expense of SOME in the short run. Capitalism is evolution, in real time. Oddly enough, most of those that claim the creationists are ignorant fools are also the ones that wish to play god and architect a system so complex god couldn’t control it, but of course, man can… Right?

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