There is a chasm opening up between the top 20% of Americans and the rest of the country.

As usual, you ignore the fact that a majority of people will enter into that top 20% at some point in their lives. When you remove reality of the individual(s) from your arguments, you can make anything up you’d like, which is exactly what this “organization” (‘Civic’ Skunk Works) likes to do. Forget about the people that make up the “poor” as individuals and ignore the fact that that group of people is constantly changing, always made up of different individuals, and you can pretend that the “poor” are stuck there. The reality, of course, is nothing of the sort.

There will always be a bottom quintile and a top quintile. Using those sorts of percentages is disingenuous at best. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’ve never considered the fact that people move in and out of those quintiles rather than assume you know better and are misrepresenting the truth as propaganda.

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