80% of divorces are started by wives for a number of reasons but the elephant in the room is obviously the fact that they have “nothing to lose”. They will get the kids, they will get a portion of the man’s earnings and they will be able to replace that man much more easily, like you said “dick is cheap”.

So in this tyrannically patriarchal society, men are “cheap” and abundant and taken to the cleaners when a woman decides she is no longer happy with their marriage vows.

So the solution is what? Non-monogamy? In this openly sexual society, are men still on the hook for paying for the children a woman or women decide they wish to keep while men still have no say in whether or not they are brought to term? How do you square the responsibilities of men in a society where, in a family, women quite literally hold every single card in the deck? How does further loosening the social value of commitment and taking vows do anything to make this situation any better?

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